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Las Majestic OpenApps solo están disponibles para los suscriptores. Si desea utilizar 'Competition monitoring', inicie sesión o regístrese si aún no es miembro.

No subscription? Here's a very quick guide to OpenApps and API

You almost certainly want this one

I want to use my Majestic data allowance with someone else's tool

This is called OpenApps.

All of our paid accounts, that's Silver and above, come with the ability to use Third Party Open Apps. Prices start from £30 / €40 / $40 a month (excluding sales tax).

Sign-up now and you'll be up-and-running in minutes

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I am a developer, and I want to build my own tool with Majestic data

To create your own tool that has access to almost three trillion backlink records, you will need our Full API.

Full API is included in our Platinum, 500 and 1000 plans.

See Full API Plans & Pricing

For great ideas that will bring new customers to Majestic, we're happy to grant free access to our developer sandbox, allowing you to develop your project without additional out-of-pocket costs. It's really easy to apply, just complete Majestic Sandbox application form.